Allergy symptoms have effects on us far beyond just sneezing or watery eyes. For kids this is true also.  While we adults are dealing with our own runny noses or lack of energy, our kids are too. Let’s look at five things to know about kids and allergies.

Allergies can affect your child’s concentration.

We all know how hard it is to sit still and pay attention in school! It’s even harder for kids with allergies. Those running noses, sneezes, and general malaise that accompany severe allergies make it hard to focus.

Asthma, which often accompanies allergies in children, can make concentrating difficult too. In fact, asthma that isn’t treated can lead to missed days of school in addition to just a general lack of concentration when present. 

Allergies can make your kids less like to participate in sports and activities

When allergies are at their worst, no one wants to do anything. Kids, especially, may not want to play baseball or soccer when their allergy symptoms are driving them crazy. And, in fact, if pollen counts in your area are high, it’s probably best if they do something indoors anyway. 

Allery Drops can help.
Oral immunotherapy, or allergy drops, are a great alternative to allergy shots for kids. Drops can be taken at home, meaning fewer trips to the allergist. They also don’t hurt like weekly allergy shots! 
Allergy drops introduce low doses of the specific allergens you are allergic to under the tongue, where the body absorbs them. Over time, the body will build a tolerance to these allergens, lessening or eliminating the allergic reaction altogether.

What else can you do? 
Keeping track of pollen counts in your area through your local news website or national pollen count websites, can help. If you’re aware of what your child is allergic to and you can help them avoid those pollens, you’ll be better off. 

Avoid hanging clothes out on a line to dry and cool your home with the air conditioner instead of by opening windows. 

Finally, when your child is done playing outside, have them change clothes and leave their shoes at the door. This will help keep pollen at bay in yoru home. 
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