It’s that time of year again: time to head back to school! If your child is headed back to school with food or other severe allergies, this time of year may be a concerning one for you. However, there are some steps you can take to protect your child from allergic reactions when he or she is at school.


Before school starts, find a time to speak with your child’s teacher and your child. Make sure the teacher is aware of what your child is allergic to. It’s a good idea to provide them with a list. Explain to the teacher what happens when your child has a reaction (hives, anaphylaxis, etc) and what to do in the event that a reaction happens. Talk to your child as well and make sure he or she knows what foods or items to avoid.

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If your child has an epinephrine injector or inhaler, make sure the school nurse has one as well and that it is labeled with your child’s information. If necessary, make sure your child also has a supply of antihistamines at school for milder allergy symptoms. Make sure your child, the teacher, and the school nurse are all aware of how the medication should be administered.


For field trips, days with a substitute, etc., consider adding a piece of jewelry with your child’s allergies listed. You can make this a fun and unique piece, or stick with the basics. Medic Alert is a great place to start!


Ask your school how they handle allergies – what is their allergic reaction protocol? Ask them to run through it for you so that you can feel better sending your child off to school. We understand that allergic reactions can be a parents’ biggest fear, especially when you aren’t with your child to help. Asking the school to provide you with their plans for allergy emergencies may help to quell your fears.

If you still have questions about your child’s allergies, contact us! Dr. Hallett is always here to help!

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