Back to school time is here again and, as we’ve already discussed, your child’s food allergies are an important issue to talk about with your school nurse, teachers, and if necessary, admins. However, pollen allergies can also pose problems for your child in school.

It is no fun to have to sit on the sidelines while your friends play because your allergy symptoms are driving you crazy! Even as a child, watery itchy eyes and lots of sneezing can ruin a day of fun at recess.

If your child is prone to pollen allergies, visit with your allergist and educators before school starts to develop a plan. This may include allergy drops and OTC medications that are age-appropriate. There are other ideas you can use too to help your child have their best start to the year, even with allergies.

Keep an eye on pollen counts. If the pollens your child is allergic to are particularly high, ask if there is an alternative for outside recess. This may be a good day for your child to stay inside and read, if that’s possible.

Another option may be to limit outside play time outside of school hours on high-pollen days. Recess isn’t that long, and it may be that that is the best time for your child to get some exercise with his or her friends. You can always limit outside time after school to avoid coming into contact with more pollens.

Have your child change clothes after school and wash his/her face and hands. This will remove some pollen and changing clothes will help with that as well.

Be sure your child doesn’t wear his/her shoes into the bedroom. Leaving shoes at the door lessens the chance that pollen is getting spread through the house.

If you notice that your child’s allergy symptoms seem to be getting worse despite your best efforts, contact your allergist immediately.

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