Spring is finally here and with it come long days of fun outdoor activities. If road or mountain biking is your thing you are probably spending several hours outside a few days a week. However, if you’re also an allergy sufferer your bike rides may not be as enjoyable as they could be. Biking with spring allergies is sometimes tough, but there are ways to deal with those pesky allergy symptoms.

Biking with Spring Allergies

Know your allergies

Knowing what you’re allergic to is one of the most helpful tools for managing your allergy symptoms. If oak pollen is no friend of yours and you know that, then choosing when and where to bike is easier! If you aren’t sure what you’re allergic to, our office can help. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment for allergy testing.

Do some Research

Find a favorite weather app or pollen count site, like pollen.org or your local weather station, and check it daily. If the pollen counts for those things you’re allergic to are super high, you may be better off staying indoors. However, if rain has tamped down those pollen counts, then go for it! Biking early in the morning or after work can also help you avoid the worst times of day for pollen.

Find the Right Solution

There are many possible solutions for your allergy symptoms. If your symptoms are manageable with over the counter options, use those. If not, we can discuss allergy shots or oral immunotherapy (allergy drops) as an alternative.

Don’t let allergies keep you from getting out and doing the things you love! Biking with allergies doesn’t have to be insufferable.

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