If you suffer from indoor allergens like pet dander or dust mites, winter can be an especially difficult time. You’re inside more and, as a result, spending more time around the very things that trigger your allergy symptoms. We’ve got a few cleaning tips for indoor allergy sufferers to help.

First, if you use a vacuum cleaner, those that have HEPA filters are better at reducing allergens. Many also say that vacuum cleaners with bags are better than those with canisters. When emptying a canister filter vacuum you may end up breathing in dust and other allergens. While we don’t endorse any particular vacuum cleaner or floor cleaner, finding a product that will keep your carpets dust-free and your hard surface floors free of dust and debris is key to alleviating indoor allergy symptoms.

Dust frequently, especially if you have lots of decorative items or collectibles. Be sure to wear a mask while dusting. Once a month take the time to move items in your closet and under the bed in order to dust those spaces as well.

Another of our cleaning tips for indoor allergy sufferers is to use a dog bed/ pet bed that has a removable, washable cover. Be sure to brush your pet frequently, outside if possible. If the brushing itself bothers you have your spouse or child brush the dog daily.

Wash your sheets once a week in hot water, if possible. You may want to try a mattress cover that can also be removed and washed.

If you have curtains or drapes in your home, at least once a season take them down and wash them. Dust and definitely pet hair build up on these. If that goes unnoticed you may drive yourself mad trying to figure out what’s making you sneeze!

Finally, make sure to check and, if necessary, change the filters on your heater or air conditioner. Those will help keep out any outside allergens that may creep into your home.

If you have questions about your allergies or your current allergy plan, contact us! We’d love to help.

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