As tree pollens ramp up across the country, you may be feeling some symptoms of pollen allergies. It’s possible you’ve recently relocated and are unsure what in the world is going on! Check out the following five common pollen allergy symptoms, and if you’re experiencing them during your time here in San Antonio, come see us!

Sneezing. Sneezing is a very common sign of anything that’s irritating your nasal passages, including pollen. Your body is using its defenses to rid the body of something it deems unnatural and unwanted.

Nasal congestion. As you sneeze and your body begins to fight against the “foreign body” known as pollen, it will also start to secrete mucus. This can lead not only to congestion, but also to a runny nose.

Once that pollen reaches your eyes those will start to itch and water as, again, your body’s defenses kick in.

Finally, you may also notice an itchy throat.

If you find yourself dealing with these five common pollen allergy symptoms or you find your child suffering through them during particularly high pollen count days, contact our office!

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