When visiting with your allergist for the first time, it’s important to share any and all information that could be related to allergy and asthma issues you’ve been experiencing.  We believe the following 5 topics to discuss with your allergist can help you and your allergist identify and treat your allergy symptoms.

Five Topics to discuss with your allergist

Allergy Symptoms – Describe, as best you can, your allergy symptoms to your doctor.  If possible, before your appointment, make a list of your symptoms and when they typically occur. is it around Grandma’s dog? During the spring? When mountain cedar is high? Have you noticed a tendency for bee stings to swell and cause a tightness in your chest? These are all things that can help Dr. Hallett learn more about your allergies.

Food Issues – Have you had problems eating certain foods? Are some foods causing you to experience a rash or hives? A tightness in your chest? Nausea? Again, if possible, keep a list of which foods are causing which symptoms and bring this with you to your appointment.

Shortness of breath – Are you experiencing unusual coughing, shortness of breath, or wheezing? Is it happening during times of exertion, like when you’re playing sports? Is it worse when your allergy symptoms are worse?

Family History – Does your family have a history of pollen allergies or food allergies? The tendency to develop allergies is often hereditary, but that’s not for certain. Just because parents have allergies doesn’t mean their kids will. Still, it’s best if we know everything we can from the get go.

Other Recent Health Changes – Let Dr. Hallett know about any other changes in your health or any other symptoms, even those you may think unrelated, that you’ve noticed lately.

With this information and an allergy test, Dr. Hallett and his team can put together a plan to help you combat your asthma and allergy issues.

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