The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time filled with family and friends and good food. However, for many allergy sufferers, winter, travel, and new locations bring a host of new allergy woes. When it comes to the holidays and allergies, we’ve got 5 tips for managing those allergy symptoms while traveling.

First, let’s address food allergies. If you are traveling to a relative’s home for the holidays be sure they are aware of any food allergies that you or your children have. Remind your kids of what they’re allergic to so they aren’t tempted to eat strawberries, for instance. Finally, be sure to have your epinephrine auto-injector with you in case of an emergency.

Next, check the pollen counts and weather for the area you’re visiting. In many parts of the country freezes have started, and so pollen counts are fairly light during the holiday season. However, if you’re headed south, especially if you’re headed to Texas, pollen counts for trees like Mountain Cedar will be high.

Then, prepare your allergy travel kit to include any prescriptions, asthma medications, and over-the-counter options too. Even if you think the pollen won’t be a problem, dust mites and molds can also cause allergy symptoms, so being prepared is wise.

Depending on where you’re going and what allergies you have, you may want to start using your allergy medications ahead of time. When you arrive you’ll already have prepared your immune system!

Finally, talk to your allergist! Dr. Hallett can help you understand what issues you may face with holidays and allergies, epecially if food allergies are a concern. Call our office to schedule an appointment!

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