When we talk about allergies, most people immediately think of outdoor pollens. Mountain Cedar, Ragweed, Elm, and all the other tree and weed pollens get the limelight much of the time! However, indoor allergens are often worse. They can be problematic year-round and, since they’re in your home, they’re harder to avoid than outdoor allergens. Let’s look at a few solutions for how to manage indoor allergens.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic and live in our furniture, carpeting, bedding and plush toys. They feed off of dead skins cells shed by our bodies. They enjoy a warm and humid environment. To combat dust mites try the following suggestions:

  • Wash bedding in hot water weekly
  • Use mattress and pillow covers
  • Vacuum frequently with a vacuum that has a certified filter
  • use a de-humidifier to limit the amount of humidity in your home
  • limit the amount of carpet you have

Pet Dander

Proteins found on our pets’ fur, skin, and saliva can trigger allergy symptoms in many adults and children. To protect against pet dander allergens you can:

  • Have a non-allergic person brush your pets outside a few times a week
  • Limit the amount of carpet in your home; hard surface floors are easier to clean.
  • Keep pets off the beds and out of rooms of those who are allergic.
  • Keep pets off of furniture.
  • Vacuum frequently.


Spores released by mold and fungi into the air in your home can cause an allergic reaction. This can happen year round, unfortunately. Areas particularly prone to mold issues are the bathroom and kitchen and any place prone to dampness, like a basement. To reduce mold spores in your home you can:

  • Add a filter to your HVAC system
  • Reduce humidity in your home with added ventilation (open windows) or a dehumidifier.
  • Be sure to fix any leaks in your home as well so they don’t cause more mold issues.

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