As we head into spring and pollen begins to cover everything in its lovely shade of yellow, here is one simple way you can reduce pollen in your home.

Leave your shoes at the door. Your shoes, even if you wipe them off on the doormat, still harbor dirt , debris, and yes, pollen, on their soles and in all the cracks and crevices. By leaving your shoes at the door you keep pollen from being tracked through your home. Otherwise it can easily end up onto your carpets and in your bedroom.

Leave your shoes at the door

Simple Solutions

Leave your shoes at the door: Use a canvas storage box or shoe rack to store shoes if space allows. If you have a garage you can simply store shoes there.

Alternatively, for dress shoes that you may wish to store in your closet, wipe shoes down with an appropriate cloth (for their material) or brush with a shoe brush to remove as much pollen as possible. Next, carry your shoes to your closet. This way you still avoid tracking dirt and pollen through the house.

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