As we step into the new year, many of us are trying to make and prioritize New Year’s resolutions to lead happier and healthier lives. Most resolutions focus on fitness, diet, improving mental health, or something career-related, but some individuals forget a rather important aspect of their health: allergies. Allergies can cause misery in the lives of those with them, but there are habits you can set in place to prevent them from developing or worsening. To relieve your allergies, consider setting these simple resolutions.

how to relieve allergies

Know Your Triggers

Start by identifying what triggers your allergies. It is crucial to understand what triggers the symptoms, whether it’s food, pollen, dust mites, or pets.

Make Your Home Allergy-Friendly

  • Cleaning the home frequently is imperative in making sure dust does not accumulate.
  • Vacuum carpets and floors collect allergens such as pet dander, mold, and dust at least once a week or more. 
  • Dust all surfaces in the home, such as tables, light fixtures, and blinds, to eliminate airborne allergens. Remember also to wash bedding and curtains, if any, on a regular basis.

Another way to keep the air clean is investing in high-efficiency filters if your home has forced heating and air conditioning.

Reduce Triggers

  • Check the local pollen count to see what allergens most likely trigger your allergies. During winter in San Antonio, cedar trees are problematic, so keep that in mind.
  • If you are unsure your symptoms are allergies, do yourself a favor and get tested! Knowing the causes will help you manage symptoms and improve your overall well-being.
  • Add healthy food to your diet! Unless you are allergic, foods such as fish with omega-3, flaxseeds, fruits, and vegetables support your immune system.
  • Every year, many people make drinking more water their resolution. Consuming enough water is especially important in managing allergies. Staying hydrated keeps nasal passages clear, which reduces symptoms. Herbal teas are also great options for keeping the body hydrated.
  • Try using a saline solution to rinse your sinuses. It is an easy way to ease nasal congestion of mucus and allergens from your nose.

By incorporating these simple resolutions, you can make a big difference in managing allergies and improving your overall health. Knowing your triggers, making your home allergy-friendly, and changing habits all contribute to reliving allergies. By making these resolutions, you can enjoy a happy and healthy life free from the misery of allergies. Remember, every small step counts, and with consistent effort, you can achieve significant improvements in managing your allergies.

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