If you’re headed off on a summer vacation you may have some concerns about your allergies. Traveling to new places can put your body in contact with new allergens or ones you already know you have a strong reaction to. Not to worry, this week we’re outlining three quick ways to manage allergies on vacation.

First, check the pollen counts of the places you’re traveling to. Knowing ahead of time what the pollen counts are, especially for the things you’re allergic to, can be a big help.

Next, be overly prepared. If you’ve got the time and luggage space, take more medications than you might need. Take your eye drops, your inhaler (if you have one), your OTC medications, your allergy drops (if you take them), etc. There is nothing wrong with taking extra precautions with your allergies.

Finally, manage expectations. Know that there may be days when your allergies make it more difficult for you to enjoy outdoor activities. Plan ahead for some indoor fun with the family: an aquarium, for example, or a dinosaur museum, can be great ways to spend time indoors and away from allergens.

We hope these three simple tips can help you plan for and manage allergies on vacation. If you need additional support or need to find out what you’re allergic to, come see us!

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