The holidays should be a wonderful and joyous time for all. However, for many reasons and many people that’s not always the case! If you suffer with pet allergies and you’ll be visiting family who have pets, the holidays may not be fun for you at all! However, there are ways to make your visit less stressful for you and your family. Check out these Tips for Visiting Family when You’re Allergic to their Pets.

First, be honest. If the people you’re visiting don’t know about your allergies, tell them! If it’s a short visit they may be more than happy to accommodate however they can. Fido can spend his time outside while you’re there or perhaps in another room.

Tips for Visiting Family when you're allergic to their pets

Next, be sure to take your OTC allergy medications, use your allergy drops if you have those, and take emergency medication too. It is better to be overly prepared than under prepared! When you’re visiting family, even if they have pets, you want to be able to enjoy your time with them. Taking your meds can greatly reduce your allergy symptoms! Let’s look at a few more tips for visiting family when you’re allergic to their pets.

Third, if you’re spending the night, consider staying at a hotel. This will give you and your immune system a much needed break from pet dander.

While at your family’s home do your best to stay outside or in well-ventilated areas if possible. Avoid carpets, and fabrics, opting to hang out and visit in rooms like the kitchen and dining room where hard surface floors abound!

Finally, be sure to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Do NOT rub your eyes even if you want to! After your visit change clothes and take a shower to remove any pet dander, hair, etc that may be attached to your clothes or skin.

We hope these tips help you to have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Ready to talk about your allergies? Contact Dr. Hallett!

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