While discovering you’re allergic to your city’s trees and plants is never fun, at least now you know! This means we can begin a treatment plan for you to help you treat all those allergy symptoms. In many ways, discovering you have allergies to cedar trees, oak trees, or even strawberries is a GOOD thing. Understanding your new allergies doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are ways to manage those pesky symptoms.

Understanding your new allergies

ASK About Allergies

Often, new patients arrive because they’ve moved to the area and discovered, rather unpleasantly, that they’re allergic to mountain cedar, or maybe you’ve just moved to the desert and discovered you have an allergy to sagebrush! ASK your allergist any questions you have about the typical symptoms of this pollen allergy, ways to treat it, ways to avoid it, etc. 

CHECK the pollen counts.

We post pollen counts on our social media sites every Monday. If you don’t live here, you can click here ( aaaai.com pollen count link) and find the nearest pollen count to where you live. Knowing that the chenopod pollen count is extremely high may make you rethink that day-long hike. 

TREAT your symptoms.

Dr. Hallett will offer you a variety of options for treating your allergies.  We offer allergy drops, allergy shots, and a variety of medication options. Once you find the treatment that works best for you, be diligent about sticking to it! 

Do you think you might have a pollen allergy? Contact us.  We offer a full range of testing to evaluate and manage allergies and asthma in adults and children.

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