Author: Julie Norman

Back to school with allergies

Back to School with allergies

It’s that time of year again: time to head back to school! If your child is headed back to school […]

Understanding Anaphylaxis


Anaphylaxis: What is it and how can you prevent it World Allergy Week was this past June 13-19 and our […]

Tips for managing spring and summer allergies in Texas

spring and summer allergies in Texas

Spring and summer are here in Texas, which means that our seasonal allergies are active (again!). The spring trees (live oak, elm, hackberry, mesquite, and many more) have been quite active this year, and we are now rapidly moving into the summer grass season (Bermuda, Bahia, Johnson, etc.). All of these plants are very happy and healthy this year, due to the excessive amount of rain that we have had. And, of course, that rain has been a tremendous boost to the mold counts, unfortunately. The good news is that all of these various allergens can be managed with similar methods, and we’ve got some tips for managing spring and summer allergy symptoms in Texas.

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Have you ever eaten a particular raw fruit or vegetable, or some nuts like walnuts or pecans, and noticed that […]