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Children and Food Allergies

By: Kaelyn Lacefield Food allergies are quite prevalent among children, with various foods capable of triggering adverse reactions. Be vigilant […]

Winter Tree Pollens

Winter Tree Pollens

Winter Allergy Alert: Texas Tree Pollens to Watch Out for in February Winter allergies are reaching their highest point in […]

Understanding a Latex Allergy

Latex, a rubber material commonly found in products like gloves, balloons, and baby pacifiers, poses a significant challenge for those […]

New year, NO allergies

Allergy resolutions

As we step into the new year, many of us are trying to make and prioritize New Year’s resolutions to […]

Is it a cold or is it allergies?

When it comes to colds, the symptoms are typically easy to pinpoint. However, if you are experiencing a recurring cold […]

Allergy-Safe Skin Care

Dealing with skin issues can be challenging when finding the right skin care products. Buying brands with ingredients safe for […]

What is a skin allergy?

Types of skin allergies

Skin allergies are caused by a variety of symptoms. These allergies are triggered when a foreign substance (allergen) encounters the […]

An Allergy-Friendly Halloween

The Teal pumpkin project

Halloween is a fun, spooky time of year enjoyed by all ages! Especially for young children who love roaming the […]

Mountain Cedar Allergy in Texas

Five Steps to take to prepare for mountain cedar season

As we prepare for the colder months, those in Texas must prepare for the seasonal allergy change. We Texans deal […]