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Biking with Spring Allergies

Biking with allergies

Spring is finally here and with it come long days of fun outdoor activities. If road or mountain biking is […]

What is a Grass Allergy

A grass allergy is actually an allergy to grass pollen. Like flowering plants and trees, grasses also have pollen and […]

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

Food allergy or food intolerance

There is nothing fun about realizing you can’t eat a food you love any longer. Perhaps it’s seafood or perhaps […]

Cleaning Tips for Indoor Allergy Sufferers

cleaning tips for indoor allergy sufferers

If you suffer from indoor allergens like pet dander or dust mites, winter can be an especially difficult time. You’re […]

Controlling Indoor Allergens

Controlling Indoor Allergens

The main causes of indoor allergens in your home are pet dander, dust mites, and indoor molds. So, where do […]

Thanksgiving and Food Allergies

Thanksgiving and Food Allergies

Holiday gatherings should be a happy time. After a year of not seeing one another, we all want this year’s […]

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Epinephrine Auto Injectors

If your child is at-risk for severe allergic reaction your allergist may prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector.  These tools work to […]